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Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Pike County you will find an oasis for stray, unwanted and abused pets. Unlike a traditional shelter you will see dogs playing with one another, sleeping cuddled together on blankets and beds, and living just as they would in any loving home. You will meet cats, not in cages, but in a facility that allows them to stretch out, play, use scratching posts and have the company of other cats. The pets here are truly happy. We are blessed to be able to provide such an environment for our homeless pets, and as a result of this environment, our pets are able to make the transition to a forever home much easier, and with less stress. Due to our unique set up, no pet is euthanized because of lack of space or time limits. All pets in our care receive any needed veterinary care, regardless of how complex. Our goal is to provide the best quality of life possible while our pets live with us. We can tell you about our shelter, but visiting is much better! Our pets love visitors, and you just might find your new best friend!

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