The original! GREENIES™ are tasty treats with numerous health benefits. Specially formulated to help clean plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth, these dental chews are high in protein, low in fat, and nutritionally complete and balanced. Auto Ship Program!

Dogs love to chew. And with their toothbrush shape and iconic green color, Greenies Dog Chews have been a popular dog treat for years. In addition to being delicious, Greenies work to clean your dog’s teeth, fighting plaque and tartar, freshening breath, and promoting healthy gums. Oral health is key to your dog’s overall health, so why not give your pup something he or she will enjoy while cleaning those chompers?

Greenies are available in five sizes to meet specific weight classes: Teenie for small dogs, up through Petite, Regular, Large, and Jumbo. Be sure to select the appropriate one for your dog. Choose from original flavor, Bursting Blueberry, and Fresh Mint. Grain-Free Greenies are made of chickpeas and potatoes for a low-fat option. Other varieties, such as Hip & Joint Care and Weight Management, offer unique blends of ingredients to help your dog achieve optimal health.

Other Greenies products can also help keep your dog healthy. Greenies Pill Pockets, available in Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Hickory Smoke flavors, have built-in pouches to insert medicine. These all-natural treats contain necessary canine nutrients, making them a better alternative to hiding your dog’s medicine in “people food.” There’s even an Allergy Formula variety, in duck and pea flavor, for dogs with food allergies or skin-related conditions.

As with any food treat, always keep an eye on your dog to make sure Greenies are chewed properly, thoroughly, and completely.

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