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Country/Date of Origin: Hungary/1800s

The Pumi began to emerge as a separate breed from lines of the more ancient Hungarian Puli in the late nineteenth century. The Puli is a long haired sheep dog while the Pumi is a herding terrier with a medium long coat. The terrier characteristics are an essential part of the Pumi- both physically and temperamentally. In 1920 they appeared as a regional variety at a Hungarian show and in 1923 appeared as a separate breed. It has never, however, attained the popularity of its parent breed. The Pumi is a versatile herder, taking responsibility for sheep, geese and pigs in its homeland.

FCI Group: 1

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AKC Group: Miscellaneous

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Body Type:

  • Height: 13-19 inches (at shoulder)
  • Weight: 18-29 pounds
  • Ears are pricked and curl over at the tips. They are not altered
  • Tail is set high forming a loose curl over the back or it is carried horizontally
  • In Hungary the tail is usually cropped to 2/3rd's of its original length to give the dog a more terrier-like appearance


  • Super intelligent, self assertive
  • Pumis are intensely curious. Nothing escapes their attention. Nothing
  • The terrier's passion for rat hunting lives in the Pumi
  • It is not possible to exhaust a Pumi. They bubble with energy
  • Pumis have a real sense of humor, which is probably a valuable asset for a pig herder


  • The coat is medium in length and curly , not long and corded like the other sheepdogs of Hungary
  • Any color is acceptable as long as it is a solid color. Parti coloring is not permitted. Gray is the most common color but a rusty-brown and a pale sandy-yellow are fairly frequently seen. Pure white and pure black are quite rare
  • The Pumi coat does not mat

Health Concerns:

  • A robust and hardy dog that can be kept indoors or out
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Tasty Tidbits:
  • Very noisy; Pumi is described as a four-footed burglar alarm
  • Their method is not intervention, but prevention. They nip any attempts at intrusion in the bud
  • The Pumi listens to everything its master says, often acknowledging the instructions with a little bark
  • To anyone watching, it appears that they are having a conversation
  • Puppies are born black and begin to get their gray coat color around the lips and eyes first, which makes them look like little old men
  • This breed has never been popular in the United States and puppies will be very difficult to find

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