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Country/Date of Origin: Hungary/1800s

When Hungarian dog fanciers were separating Pulis and Pumis as individual breeds at the end of the 19th Century they discovered the existence of a third type of sheep dog - the Mudi. The Mudi is used as a guard and herding dog and was recognized by the Hungarian Kennel Club in 1936.

FCI Group: 1

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AKC Group: Miscellaneous

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Body Type:

  • A shaggy, medium sized sheepdog that looks like a miniaturized Belgian Sheepdog that is rather light in build
  • Height: 14-20 inches (at shoulder)
  • Weight: 18-29 pounds
  • Prick ears are carried erect and are not altered
  • Tail is docked short
  • Topline is sloping


  • Super intelligent and willing to learn
  • Suspicious of strangers. A good guard dog
  • Lively with a great deal of energy
  • Serious minded; the Mudi is not frivolous


  • The Mudi's coat is the shortest of all the Hungarian sheep dogs. The limbs and paws are naturally smooth and the rest of the body is covered with thick, glossy hair just under two inches long
  • Coat can be wavy or curly
  • Coat color can be black ( the most common ), white, or a combination of the two known as "pepita"

Health Concerns:

  • This is a very healthy breed and has a high level of disease resistance
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Tasty Tidbits:
  • Long lived
  • Little known outside Europe. A puppy will probably have to be imported
  • A bit too sharp to be a good child's pal

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