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English Setter

Country/Date of Origin: France/1500s

The first rudimentary setter was developed in France in 1500, obtained from the Spanish pointer and the French pointer. Three centuries later it was brought to Great Britain where its true developer was an extremely intelligent breeder, named Sir Edward Laverack, who developed the English Setter from early French hunting dogs in the early 1800s.

There are two variations of the Setter:
1) The Laverack Setter - Laverack's dogs are known for their great beauty, and are therefore foundation stock for many of today's top show dogs.
2) The Llewellin Setter - Llewellin's dogs are known for thier great hunting abilities.

Other Names Body Type Personality Coat Health Concerns

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Laverack Setter, Llewellin Setter

AKC Group: Sporting

Breed Club:

Rescue Club:

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Body Type:

  • Height: Males 24-27 inches; Females 23-26 inches
  • Weight: Males 55-80 pounds Females 45-70 pounds


  • Very gentle, placid, friendly dog
  • Excellent with children
  • Mild mannered and sensitive
  • Enthusiastic and lively outdoors, but relatively inactive indoor


  • Regular combing and brushing
  • Check for burrs and tangles
  • Give extra care when the dog is shedding

Health Concerns:

  • Gain weight easily
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Females are prone to false pregnancies
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Tasty Tidbits:
  • Puppies of this breed are irresistible
  • They look like little polar bears

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