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Dogo Argentino

Country/Date of Origin: Argentina/1920s

The Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt big cats and boar in its homeland, Argentina, by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez in the 1920s. It is descended from 10 breeds, one of which includes the now extinct fighting dog of Cordoba. Reportedly added breeds are Boxer, Pointer, Great Dane, Irish Wolf Hound, Bull Terrier, Dog De Bordeaux, Great Pyrenese and Spanish Mastiff.

FCI Group: 2 (Terrier)

Other Names Body Type Personality Coat Health Concerns

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Argentinean Mastiff

AKC Group: Miscellaneous

Breed Club: Dogo Argentino Club of America

Rescue Club: Dogo Argentino Rescue Club of America

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Body Type:

  • Very versatile in regards to function
  • Height: 24-27 inches (at shoulder)
  • Weight: 80-100 pounds
  • Ears are cropped to short erect triangles with sharply pointed tips or natural uncropped
  • Tail is thick and tapered. It is moderately long and not altered


  • Deliberately bred to be hunters
  • Loyal and loving to owner
  • Can be protective toward people it does not know, especially if it thinks they are trespassing on its property
  • Bold, brave, and a noble companion


  • Short and smooth. Lies close to the skin
  • Only color allowed is white. Pink skin shows through near the eyes and nose
  • Low grooming requirements

Health Concerns:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Skin allergies and irritations
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Tasty Tidbits:
  • This can be too much dog for the first time dog owner
  • Bold and assertive
  • Professional obedience lessons are recommended as with any other dog breed
  • Many insurance companies will not provide you with liability coverage if you own certain dog breeds
  • With pending breed specific legislation and insurance changes, check with your insurance agent to see if you will be covered before you purchase a puppy
  • Dogos should be protected from dognappers who would steal them for use in unethical practices

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