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Country/Date of Origin: France/1500s

The Beauceron is one of the best-known sheepdogs in France. Like some of its compatriot breeds, the Beauceron has double dewclaws that enabled it to get a good grip in the sheep's wool when it climbed across their backs to get across a flock. Although it has been used as a herding dog for centuries, it is thought the original use was as a hunting dog. The Beauceron is also used successfully as a police dog.

FCI Group: 1 (Herding)

Other Names Body Type Personality Coat Health Concerns

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Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge

AKC Group: Miscellaneous

Breed Club:

Rescue Club:

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Body Type:

  • A large dog that looks like a cross between a Doberman and a Rottweiler, although it is related to neither
  • Height: 25-29 inches (at shoulder)
  • Weight: 66-85 pounds
  • Ears are cropped to a point and are held erect in the US
  • Long tail is carried low and is not altered


  • Super intelligent and very trainable
  • Wary of strangers. Natural guarding instincts
  • Tends to be a one-person dog
  • Good with children if raised with them
  • Very independent nature
  • Wants to take charge of all situations; not recommended for the first time dog owner


  • The coat is short but not smooth
  • Two color patterns are allowed: black with tan markings above the eye, on the side of the face and under the neck and forming stockings. The other color is black with grayish merle speckling which is described as harlequin. The harlequin is quite uncommon
  • Minimal grooming required

Health Concerns:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Skin allergies
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Tasty Tidbits:
  • The breed is nicknamed "bas rouge," which is red stockings in translation; this refers to the rusty markings on the lower legs
  • Popular in France, Belgium and Holland but relatively uncommon elsewhere; finding a puppy will be very difficult and probably costly
  • Candidate for the title of "most intelligent dog." The Beauceron is reported to surpass the German Shepherd Dog and the Border Collie. Its independent nature may not make it as trainable as the Golden Retriever however

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