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Travel by Train

Rail Travel with Your Pet

If you’re planning on traveling with your pet and using a major rail station like Amtrack, you may want to revisit your plans. Currently, Amtrack maintains a no-pet-policy, only yielding for guide dogs. Fortunately, small, regional rail way companies are more pet friendly and may allow you to hit the rails with your furry friend.
Much like planes and buses, you will most likely need to bring your pet along in a crate to increase the safety and comfort of you and your pet as well as other passengers.

General Rail Riding Trips:

  •  Before you buy your ticket and finalize plans to travel by train with your pet, be sure to call the railroad reservation line and inquire about pet rules and regulations.
  • If the railway company does allow pets, make it a point to find out specific information on the type of carrier you will need.
  • If the railway system you will be utilizing allows leashed pets to accompany you, look for a leash without a lot of slack to prevent your pet from roaming.
  • Before you get on the train, be sure to have all proper pet identification including tags and any labels necessary for crate travel.

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  • Updated: 7/10/2019: 8:37:19 PM ET