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Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Does the Dog Toy Match the Tooth?

Toys not only offer dogs exercise and interaction, they also offer a variety of dental benefits. They are a great way to play with your dog and also practice good dental health. Toys spend a lot of time in your dog’s mouth, where they are constantly chewed and worked over the teeth. During this chewing process, the surface of the toys actually works as an abrasive to dislodge plaque, reduce tartar build-up, massage gums, and strengthen the teeth and jaws. They are extremely versatile because of the variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials, so you will be sure to find something that your dog will love

Hard Nylon Bones
These bones have become a popular substitute to traditional rawhide bones, which have possible choking hazards. They work well with most dogs, regardless of breed, size or age. This is because the toys can be molded to a specific hardness or resistance strength. The specialized molds also add raised bumps to the toys, which provide additional cleaning assistance while your dog chews. Some even come with mint flavors injected directly into the nylon for an inviting flavor and fresher breath.

Rubber/Latex/Vinyl Dog Toys
If your looking for something a little more durable than nylon that will also be safe for your dog, choose something rubber, latex, or vinyl. These toys provide similar dental benefits, although the stronger construction makes them more durable and longer lasting. Some are puncture-resistant so there is no need to worry about the toy splitting or splintering into dangerously small pieces.

Rope Dog Toys
Rope toys are great for tugging and tossing, and their design is also safe and orally helpful. Most rope toys are braided for added strength – the spiral design that is created by the braids help clean the teeth as it twists. The ropes are also made of a bundle of thin fibers to produce one thick cord and also allow teeth to penetrate easily and safely. This ability for a tighter grip helps strengthen the jaws when resistance or a counter-pull is introduced.

Plush/Fabric Dog Toys
Plush and fabric toys are great low-resistance chew toys. They are not recommended for highly aggressive chewers because of the stuffing and small pieces that may be torn off and swallowed. If your dog is destroying all of its plush toys, try denim for a more durable alternative.

Unique Dog Toys
Unique toys are usually made nylon or rubber because of the ability to manipulate the molds. These toys can be designed with raised bumps or ridges all over the toy for 360° of cleaning action, or can even be hollowed to dispense treats.

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