The Benefits of Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies has gone back to the drawing board and redesigned the formula for its dental chews without compromising the dog dental health benefits or that great Greenies® taste your dog loves. They are easily digestible and highly soluble due to the protein composition. Four elements act as the basic structure of the new Greenies® chews: Gelatin, wheat protein isolate, soy protein isolate and sodium caseinate. These help with digestion and add the signature chewiness.

Not only are the new chews 100% edible, they are also 95.7 percent digestible! The average dry dog food is only 80-85% digestible. Because these dog treats are highly digestible, your dog will benefit from the all of the added vitamins and minerals included right in the chew.

The new toothbrush shape isn't only to make you aware of the myriad of dental advantages, it's also designed with nooks and crannies to make the chew break naturally in certain areas to make chewing, swallowing and digestion much easier.


A better understanding of how a dog's teeth work makes a better chew toy. Greenies® consulted a number of veterinarians and physicians to find out how the teeth and jaws of dogs function. Tests results were compiled on dental structure, how a dog bites, the strongest points of pressure in a bite, as well as a number of other factors. Having this in mind, Greenies® designed 5 types of chews varying in size and texture to best suit whatever breed, size, or age of dog you may have. (Teenie: 5-15 lbs., Petite: 15-25 lbs., Regular: 25-50 lbs., Large: 50-100 lbs., Jumbo: 100+ lbs.)

Dental Benefits:

Your pet's dental health should be as much of a priority as your own. Neglecting oral health can have serious consequences. It will, of course, affect teeth and gums. However, if gone untreated too long, it can contribute to heart, liver and kidney diseases. Dogs tend to shy away from having their teeth brushed, unless it is done be a trained professional. The New Greenies® Dental Chews provide great dental service while doubling as a tasty treat.

Chewing is a natural habit that dogs need to execute for their health. The chewing action strengthens their jaws and teeth. The chewing agent acts as an abrasive and removes tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth and along the gum line. The New Greenies® Dental Chew is flexible and has a softer texture that allows your dog's tooth to actually penetrate, which helps reduce plaque and tartar over a wider area of his tooth.

Studies have shown that just one New Greenies® Dental Chew a day will result in a 69% reduction in calculus build-up and a 10.5% reduction in plaque build-up. They also help to freshen breath!

Nutrition & Feeding:

Greenies® also instituted a set of guidelines to help owners begin a healthy treating regimen with their pets. The system is called SmartTreater. Smart is an acronym embodying the following tips:

S - Seek out treats that provide healthy benefits for your pets.

M - Monitor your pet to ensure they chew their treats adequately.

A - Ask Your veterinarian if ingredients in a treat are appropriate for your pets.

R - Read the labels and follow feeding guidelines.

T - Treat responsibly!

All of these features have enhanced Greenies® popular chews to be more nutritionally balanced, easily digested, highly soluble and dentally beneficial.

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