Protecting Your Dog with Portable Steps

Protecting your Pup

Pet steps are very convenient and a great way for your dog to easily access certain areas of your house. They can be used to help your dog get to a bed, couch, grooming table or into a vehicle.

The addition of pet steps reduces the need for jumping, which in turn prevents injuries. Dog steps are ideal for injured, recovering or aging animals. Although there are obvious benefits for animals with declining health, pet steps are very useful for any dog. Even the healthiest pet is susceptible to joint or spinal injuries due to jumping. Those at higher risk are dog breeds that feature bodies with low centers of gravity and short legs, such as Dachshunds. Overweight dogs and ones with sensitive bones and joints are also great candidates for pet steps. Some models feature a cushioning foam construction. Steps also ease suffering and reduce the risk of further damage to pets suffering from arthritis and types of dysplasia or those who are sick, post-operative or have reduced mobility.

With pet steps, you won't always have to be there to lift your dog up and down so it can reach the bed, couch or any other raised location. If you have physical limitations of your own and should not be lifting your pet, then the advantages of equipping your house with pet steps is clear. Your pet will now have the means to get up or down without help. This will allow independence and prevent loneliness, laziness and depression.

The lightweight construction of pet steps makes them quick and easy to assemble. They can be stored in closets, car trunks and motor homes. Foam-formed pet steps and pet ramps are also free of hard or sharp, and potentially dangerous, corners.

Their versatility makes them suitable for any type of home. Alternate features include a waterproof exterior or removable covers that are available in a durable fabric that can be washed or, if need be, replaced. Other varieties include: molded plastic, PVC skeleton with plastic steps and wood pet steps.

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