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Photo Contest FAQ

Top Cover Dog Photo Contest FAQ

How do I upload my photo?
After you login or register, simply enter your pet's name and select the photo you wish to share using the Browse button. Enter an optional caption for your photo and select the "Preview My Entry" button. After you preview your photo, you can either upload a new photo by selecting "Go Back and Edit" or submit your entry.

Are there any photo restrictions?
Photos must be under 30 MB. We will resize your photo to present within the photo contest gallery. We reserve the right to reject any offensive photos.

Can I enter more than one photo?
You can only enter one photo per email address per contest. 

How long do I have to solicit votes?
You can solicit votes as soon as you submit your photo; however, we need to approve your photo before we include it in the public photo gallery. You have until 11:59 p.m. ET on September 21, 2018 to solicit votes for your photo.

How do I share my photo?
We encourage you to ask friends and family to vote for your dog as much as possible. Promote your dog's photo through social networking, email, blogging, and in person whenever you can. The more people you share with, the more votes you can earn!

How do I vote?
Select any photo you like and click on the "Vote for Me" button.

Why do I need to share my email address to vote?
We require email address for voting to ensure results are placed by real people. If you prefer not to receive promotional emails from us, when you enter your email address simply uncheck the box next to "Yes, I'd like to receive emails". 

How can I see who is winning?
You can view the Leaderboard at any time from the link in the Photo Gallery.

How will I know if my photo has won?
When the contest ends on September 21, 2018 the winning photo (the photo with the most votes) will be contacted via email within a week.

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  • Updated: 8/16/2018: 11:06:44 AM ET