Pet Doors

Choosing the Right Pet Door

Pet doors add a sense of freedom for both you and your pet. The accessibility will relieve you of your doorman duties and will also allow your dog to come and go without having to sit, whine and wait. Before you install one in your home, there are a few factors that should be considered to ensure that it is suitable for both you and your pet.

Size: Measure your dog while they are standing to determine the correct height and width; you should probably weigh your dog also, as some pet doors have individual ratings based upon the overall weight of the pet. Most of these doors are sized according to a generalized height and width.

Location: Traditionally, pet doors are most frequently installed in wooden doors; typically being the front or back door of the house. They may also be installed in sliding glass doors, screens, walls, or other doors. A pet door can be added to a closet where a litter box is kept; this way your cat will have easy access and privacy while the rest of the house will not be burdened by the odor. The safety of your pet may also be a deciding factor on the location you select.

Security: Some owners may not feel completely comfortable with the idea of having a dog door because of the potential access of intruders or other unwanted guests. Today, however, there are a number of new security-geared mechanisms to keep your house safe. One of the most popular and effective innovations is known as the controlled access dog door. These can be electronic, electro-magnetic, magnetic or infrared; they automatically open when installed sensors recognize the type of collar your dog wears.

Sealants: Many of the models include an energy-efficient seal to keep out unpleasant weather conditions and standardize indoor climate control. Magnetically assisted closures seal airtight to ensure low energy bills.

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  • Updated: 10/8/2018: 8:30:24 PM ET
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