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Meet Layla!

Pet Mom: Mindy B., Merchandising

Layla was scheduled to be two hours away from being euthanized in Tennessee when she was rescued by a no-kill dog shelter. I saw her picture posted and took my 5-year-old son and 10-year-old Golden Retriever to meet her. There was an instant connection! She is absolutely wonderful with my son, our Dakota, and is very good with the cats as well. Layla’s three favorite hobbies are squirrel watching, going for car rides, and going on long walks or hikes. Layla’s favorite toy is her KONG®, of course! She expects to have it filled with her favorite peanut butter treat every day!

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Meet Ash!

Pet Mom: Karey D., Merchandising

Ash’s previous owner kept her tied up in the unheated garage because the landlord didn’t allow pets, but they got her anyway. My husband had a tattoo shop at the time and was tattooing her previous owner. He was telling my husband about the dog. My husband offered the tattoo for free, in exchange for Ash. We saved her from poor living conditions and brought her to our home where she is comfortable and safe! Her favorite toy is the Orbee-Tuff® Ball. She has had the same one for over five years! It is the only toy she chooses to keep! I cannot narrow down her favorite treats because she loves all of them!

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Meet John Coffay!

Meet John Coffay!

Spotlight Dog!

John Coffay, aka Johnny Boy, was rescued about a year ago from Pick Your Paw Rescue. We believe he is about 8–10 years old. John was found walking down the street aimlessly in East Brunswick, New Jersey looking pretty beat up. He was then sent to recover with our friends over at Pick Your Paw Rescue until he was ready for his forever home. His foster mom loved his cuddly and warm personality and almost couldn’t let him go up for adoption. It wasn’t until they met Max that they knew John was in good hands. He will now live out the rest of his days so very loved and cared for. Rescue is so important, especially for those older dogs that are harder to place in a home. Please consider saving a life!

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Meet Lucky!

Meet Lucky!

Pet Mom: Kathleen G., Marketing

My family had another dog before me. His name was Bert. They had him for a long time and really loved him. When he died two years ago, they were so sad that they didn’t want to be that sad again, so they didn’t think they’d ever get another dog. Then they realized that they missed having a dog as part of their family. They looked and looked and finally found me. When they met me, they said it was love at first sight. I felt the same way about them. I live with my dad, my mom, my sister, Emma, and my brother, Jack. Sometimes, when they try to get my attention, they call me “Ber-Lucky”. I don’t mind at all. I am one “Lucky” dog!

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Meet Puck!

Meet Puck!

Pet Mom: Ashlee W., Graphic Web Designer

Puck is a one-year-old Pembroke Corgi! I’ve wanted a Pembroke Corgi for years. He was the spunky one out of the litter, and he was perfect! He’s named after the mischievous fairy in Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”. I’m not sure if the name did it or if I named him accordingly, but he’s definitely got a mischievous side. Sometimes, he’ll bark at the door and when we check to see who is there, he’ll steal our seat on the sofa! No one’s ever at the door. He’s a little stinker and we love him for it!

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