Natural Dog Food

The Importance of a Natural Diet

What you feed your dog affects him outside and inside. It is always important to listen to the advice of your breeder when it comes to selecting a suitable and balanced diet for your dog. A reputable breeder should give owners of a new puppy a diet instruction sheet with a schedule and list that can be followed from puppy stages into adult age. Some breeders go above and beyond, supporting the new puppy and owner by providing advice throughout the dog’s lifetime.

Some dogs may display different dietary needs, although it is unusual. Along with the advice from your breeder, your veterinarian will also offer suggestions on a suitable diet. Dogs can eat almost anything; this is a retained characteristic from living in the wild. They are surprisingly resistant to agents that will easily cause food poisoning in humans. Their strong teeth effectively cut through meat and tear through connective tissues.

While quality is essential, it does not necessarily mean that the more you spend on the dog food, the better the results will be. It is essential to focus on the needs of individual dogs before settling on a regimented diet. A natural diet will bring about a less likely chance of adverse reactions. Natural meals, such as rice and chicken, are not only healthy, but if fed two or three times a week can enhance the quality of your dog’s coat. Some additives such as primrose oil, flaxseed oil or starflower oil can be included in small doses (500 mg. daily) for additional benefits. This remedy is often used to repair a coat that may have been affected by a previous, poorly balanced diet.

An inexpensive, natural food that most dogs love is cheese. This can easily be integrated into your dog’s diet as something tasty as well as a good source of calcium and many other essential nutrients. Vegetables can also be a nice change. Fiber, such as oat bran, will help in preventing some glandular problems. Grapes are toxic to dogs and should not be included in a natural diet; raw meats should also be avoided.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, natural diets also have a biological effect on your dog which makes the skin less appealing to fleas and other parasites.

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