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In late 2014, we launched the very first Cover Dog Photo Contest. This contest promised one lucky winner the opportunity to win a $1,000 shopping spree and to have his or her photo become the cover photo in the logo. Initially, we were simply thrilled to know that we would finally have the opportunity to see all the furry faces that make possible, but as the photo entries came in and votes were cast, it became clear that something much more magical was taking place. One particular little pup was winning the hearts of voters and we quickly learned that, while he may be small in stature, his message and the love and goodwill he continues to spread is anything but. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce the first Cover Photo Contest winner: Harley!

Harley's Story

In 2011, Harley, who has since become quite the internet sensation, was not enjoying the comfort of a warm bed or the joy of a new toy. Instead,much like thousands of other unfortunate pups, he was spending his time in a small, cramped, cold and essentially uninhabitable puppy mill cage.Unable to see the light of day, give a loving kiss to his human, or scamper around the yard as happy canines should do, he was undoubtedly sad and scared. Fortunately, on one fateful day, Harley's life would forever change, and so too would the lives of many mill dogs.

Harley to the Rescue

On that momentous day, Harley was rescued by Rudi Taylor, an active member of the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). After receiving much needed medical care and settling into his new home, Harley become one busy dog! In early 2013, this puppy mill survivor and his mom started “Harley to the Rescue,” a campaigning effort to raise awareness of the thousands of dogs that can still be found living in cold wire cages, and without thelove and compassion that we regularly share with our furry family members.

Today, Harley is quite the adorable activist, regularly building and maintaining a campaign to help change the lives of his brothers and sisters still in mills across the United States. With an active Facebook page, several interviews and press engagements, (and even the help of some other campaigning pups like his brave little buddy Teddy), Harley, along with the NMDR, is really making a difference. Since his campaign started,Harley has been able to raise enough awareness and subsequent funds to save over 500 dogs from harsh mill conditions, and to provide many of those dogs with much needed and often expensive medical attention.

The National Mill Dog Rescue

Without the compassionate and hardworking members of the National Mill Dog Rescue, we wouldn't have the opportunity to help Harley share his message. This group, founded in 2007, has quickly become the voice for mill dogs across the nation. Since their first year, NMDR, which relies solely on donations and grants, has been able to rescue over 9,400 dogs, finally giving them access to the love and care they so desperately needed.

How You Can Help Harley

Congratulations, Harley! We're so happy to be able to help you on your quest to provide shelter, safety and love for dogs across the nation.Check out Harley's wish list and help NMDR continue to assist the dogs they rescue.

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