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Greenies Pill Pockets

No More Miserable Medication Memories

A spoonful of sugar might have worked for Mary Poppins, but in case that doesn't work for you, Greenies® has an alternative.

Giving your pet necessary medications is now made much easier with Greenies® Pill Pockets. These innovative dog treats allow you to easily place medications into a tasty treat and avoid all of the reluctant struggling, scratching and biting that may be associated with previous attempts.

The health and well-being of your pet is very important. Pill Pockets not only serve as a capsule carrier, but they are also made from high quality ingredients and are nutritionally balanced for additional dietary benefits.

Each Pill Pocket contains meat bases such as beef, chicken or salmon that taste great and also serve as a source of high quality proteins for muscle metabolism, wheat flour acts as hearty carbohydrate source for energy, and Vitamins C & E aid the immune system for quick recovery.

Using Pill Pockets is as easy as one, two, three!
1) Hold the Pill Pocket open with your thumb and index finger then insert the pill, or pour the liquid medication into the opening.

2) Using the same hand that you're holding the Pill Pocket in, squeeze at the top to form a seal (It's important to use the same hand rather than the one that handled the medication because your pet may smell the medicine and will be less eager to accept the treat).

3) Once the pocket is securely sealed, simply give it to your pet as if it were any everyday treat.

Pill Pockets are available in five sizes to suit any ailing animal. There are two flavors for dogs and two flavors of Pill Pockets for cats.

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