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Frontline Flea Control

Fighting the Battle on the Frontline

Frontline, a product of Merial, is a topical medication that helps in killing fleas and controlling further flea and tick activity. Their formula is so efficient and fast-acting that it kills 100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours and continues to provide long-lasting flea and tick control, up to one month. It also continues to work by killing eggs and larvae before they have a chance to mature.

When Frontline is applied to your pet, the active ingredient, Fipronil, dissolves into the natural oils of the skin and coat and is saturated into the skin, eventually becoming stored in sebaceous (oil) glands. Since the medication is essentially stored inside the animal, it is constantly released through the hair follicles, making it waterproof. The regular release of Fipronil works much differently than other treatments which are simply applied once and slowly wear; Frontline won’t be removed by bathing, swimming or self grooming practices. It will be effective against fleas and ticks for the entire length of the month, providing your pet with non-stop flea and tick control.

The Frontline process is easily carried out in three steps. First, the applicator is removed from the child-resistant packaging, and then the foil is peeled down to expose the applicator. Once the applicator has been removed, hold it away from yourself and gently snap off the applicator tip. Finally, press the applicator tip through the hair and apply directly to the skin between the shoulder blades, emptying the entire contents over one single spot. The area between the shoulder blades is targeted because it is a location your dog will not be able to get to with its tongue, giving the medication time be released into the skin.

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