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Booda Dog Products Offer A Sense of Doggy Nirvana

For over thirty years, Booda has been manufacturing a number of products designed to keep your dog busy for hours. They have chew toys ranging from general to specific in terms of their function, as well as other non-related chew products, such as dog plush toys.

Booda Velvets, their most widely recognized product, are chew toys consisting of a corn-starch base that is compressed into a bone shape and flavored to ensure that your dog’s interest will not fade. They are available in various sizes so that your can offer your dog a size-appropriate chew. Flavors include roast chicken, bacon and roast beef. Designed to be strong, Velvets will not only keep your dog busy but also offer sufficient resistance for jaw exercise and teeth cleaning.

Velvets are completely biodegradable, completely digestible, and a safe alternative to rawhide bones, which may chip into pieces. Velvets are also odor-free, contain no animal by-products and do not stain.

Booda also offers its successful Velvet formula in a specialized style. Bimples are compressed bones that feature a series of raised bumps along the entire exterior. They will occupy your dog, satisfy his instinctual need to chew, as well as offer specific oral and dental benefits. As a dog chews and manipulates the bone inside its mouth, the bumps rub against the gums and teeth, loosening plaque and reducing tartar build-up while massaging the gums.

A line of plush toys with squeakers is also available. Puffers are large, round animals with a deluxe terry cover, while the cuties are smaller, appropriately proportioned animals made from a combination of three types of fabric.

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  • Updated: 10/8/2018: 9:18:00 PM ET