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Dogs Surviving Cold Weather

Extreme Temperatures: How to Help Your Dog If He Becomes Cold

Exposure to cold temperatures, especially if the dog is wet or ill, can cause the onset of hypothermia. Symptoms include shivering, lethargy and eventual unconsciousness. The body will feel cold to the touch. Breathing is slow and shallow.

First aid starts with drying the dog and placing it in a warm place. Do not put the dog too close to a fire or heat source. Heating the dog too quickly can cause shock. Be careful not to burn the dog's skin. In the case of newborn puppies or if the dog has collapsed, place him in warm bath water. When the puppy or dog is warm, remove him and dry thoroughly. Make sure the water does not become cooler than the dog, or it will extract heat from the dog's body. Keep the dog in a draft-free, warm room for several hours. Warm liquids or warm food may be offered.

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