Dog Joint Supplements

Joint supplements have become a welcome addition to elderly everyday life, especially once age sets in and muscles weaken, making certain physical movements increasingly difficult. This happens often in our pets, as well. The first step in remedying this situation is to educate yourself. Consult your veterinarian and obtain a professional opinion before giving any type of medication to your pet; human anti-inflammatory medications and supplements may be harmful to animals.

It is important to know what is causing the problem before buying any supplements. It is possible that the reduced mobility may simply be a result of your pet being overweight; the best solution for this is to make dietary chances and gradually increase playtime and exercise to burn some of those excess pounds. For this situation, it is important to feed your pet dog food that does not contain food coloring or added preservatives; this can be easily done by preparing a healthy homemade meal consisting of natural foods.

If your veterinarian does agree your pet is suffering from arthritis, then there a number of supplements to help ease the discomfort. An over-the-counter dog supplement that can be purchased is the glucosamine tablet; studies show that it helps maintain cartilage structure. If at all possible, purchase a brand that also contains chondroitin sulfate, which draws water into the cartilage, providing added lubrication. Methylsulfonylmethane is another effective dog supplement used on pets suffering from arthritis. Dog supplements containing Omega 3, a fatty acid, also have been proven to offer relief for arthritic symptoms.

Holistic treatments in the form of herbs can also be used as treatments to relieve pain and to help the body eliminate excess waste. Examples of these herbs are burdock, licorice, shepherd's purse, alfalfa, and yucca extract.

Aside from supplements, you should also buy a small, warm dog bed for your pet to sleep on. Letting him or her lie on a concrete floor that is cold during most parts of the day will be detrimental to your pet's comfort, regardless of counter-measures taken to combat stiffness or pain.

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