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Dog First Aid Kit

What to Have in a Canine First Aid Kit

Syrup of Ipecac (to induce vomiting)
3 % Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting, clean wounds)
Vaseline or KY Jelly
Baking soda (bee stings, acid neutralizer)
Milk of Magnesia (acid neutralizer)
Activated charcoal tablets (poison absorption)
Vinegar (to neutralize alkaline burns)
Antibacterial dog ointment
Kaopectate (diarrhea)
Smelling Salts
Germicidal soap
Dog muzzle
Stick for tourniquet
Gauze bandages (1" and 2 " wide rolls)
Gauze pads (3" X 3")
Non-stick bandages (assorted sizes)
Adhesive tape (1" wide)
Rectal thermometer
Roll of cotton
Dog (Pet) Swabs
Sharp scissors with rounded ends
Pin light flashlight

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