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Choosing the Right Dog Treat

Treats can prove invaluable in rewarding positive behavior and in reinforcing behavior learned during training. They're also a fun, inexpensive way to show your dog you love him. When choosing a treat, be sure to consider:

  • Intended use - if you plan to use treats during training, smaller treats are a good choice. They're quickly consumed and provide minimal distraction from training tasks.
  • Frequency - if you plan to treat your dog often, consider smaller, lower-calorie treats which will help her stay slim.
  • Age & Health - puppies often prefer smaller treats, and seniors with sensitive teeth often prefer soft treats. Dogs with food sensitivities/allergies can benefit from hypoallergenic treats.
  • Pooch’s Preferences - treats are available in several different shapes, sizes, and flavors sure to fit your dog's unique tastes.

Whether you are training, rewarding or simply treating, we stock a complete range of treats:

    • Nylabones - A long time favorite, Nylabones provide the chewing satisfaction of real bones, without the risk of splintering, cracking or impaction. They provide strong chewing resistance for maximum jaw exercise, have great flavor, and are safe and non-toxic.

    • Puppy Treats - Everyone knows that puppies LOVE to chew, but not everyone realizes that puppies have different physical characteristics and needs than adult dogs. Puppy treats are formulated and developed especially for youngsters, with smaller sizes, softer textures and safer ingredients for your little one.

    • Bulk Dog Treats - Frequently treat your dog without breaking the bank! Our bulk treats section offers great deals on dog favorites, from rawhides to biscuits.

    • All Natural Dog Treats - Always the best sellers, natural treats suit a wide variety of dogs and chewing styles. Full of natural flavors that dogs love and available in many different shapes and styles, from Pig Ears to Chew Hooves, your dog's favorite is waiting to be discovered!

    • Dog Biscuits & Cookies - Biscuits and cookies provide the crunchy texture many dogs crave, and can also promote healthy teeth and gums. With many flavors and shapes to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what your dog is hoping for!

    • Rawhide Bones - Great for determined chewers, rawhides not only preserve the lives of your shoes and furniture, they also promote dental health and are low in calories. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is one perfect for every pooch!

    • Dingo Treats are the only rawhide chews with real meat treats inside! These "meat in the middle" dog chews are irresistible to dogs of all shapes and sizes! Whether Dingo Select Chicken Treats or Dingo Beef Treats, each treat is hand rolled with the highest quality rawhide or pork hide, to create the perfect treat for any dog!

    • Made In The USA Dog Treats - These treats are made right here at home and are sure to leave Fido feeling festive. Treat your dog, all while doing your patriotic duty!

Shop our selection of Dog Treats!

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  • Updated: 7/15/2019: 7:38:26 PM ET