Peace, Love, Rescue Project

At, our mission is to encourage animal lovers to adopt from a shelter or rescue when searching for their "new best friend." With so many pets in need, these shelters and rescues share our goal - to find forever homes for homeless pets. Learn more about Dog.comCares.

Many organizations are in need, but continue to work unconditionally in helping these animals.'s Peace, Love, Rescue Project has donated up to $250 to these organizations who work so selflessly to help end pet homelessness.

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  • MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue

    MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue is a NJ Non-Profit Corporation, who has a core group of 15 experienced volunteers with one mission - to help bulldogs in need. They provide a safe and loving home for bulldogs in transition, who come to the rescue through many venues. Some come from shelters where they have been abandoned, or turned in as strays or surrendered where they would otherwise be possibly euthanized. Check out how Kiki, who once neglected, with severe health issues, is now thriving with her foster family.

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  • Greyhound Pets of America - Canada

    Greyhound Pets of America—Canada (GPA-C) is a charitable organization, running strictly on volunteers, that is committed to finding responsible loving homes for retired Greyhounds. They ensure a smooth transition between racing life and home life, acquaint the public with the desirability of Greyhounds as pets, and inform them of the availability of Greyhounds for adoption.

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  • Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue

    Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue (LCR) is an organization committed to rescuing and rehabilitating horses and domestic companion animals, providing a safe and secure refuge for the abused, unwanted or neglected. They are dedicated to promoting and educating the public on the humane and responsible treatment of horses, ponies, dogs, cats and more.

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  • The Pittie Project

    Committed to offering support and education to reduce the number of bully breeds in shelters. Also provide spay/neuters, vaccinations and microchipping for Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes.

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  • Plumsted PBA Local 390 K9 Fund

    Police union dedicated to rescuing dogs from kill shelters, and training them to work as active members of K9 units. Operates solely on donations from the public.

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  • Popcorn Park Zoo

    Devoted to the thousands of animals that are cared for annually, and the chance for a better life for all animals, domestic and wild.

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  • Husky House

    Dedicated to helping abandoned Siberian Huskies, as well as all breeds, get a second chance in life and a place to call home. Committed to educating on proper pet care and the importance of spaying and neutering all dogs and cats.

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  • Howling Woods Farm

    Rescues and places domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds, while educating and providing information about wolves and wolfdogs.

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