Pet Projects

As our team here at looks back on 2017, we have to smile. Thanks to your support, our companies combined to give $100,000 worth of products, gift certificates, vet bills, fees, and cash donations to animal rescues, organizations, dogs, cats, and people all over the country. Here are some of these "pet projects."

Rocco’s Story

One of the most memorable moments of our year happened right at the start. We had been sponsoring a senior dog named Rocco, under the care of the Monmouth County SPCA, throughout 2016, and he was adopted on New Year’s Eve, going into New Year’s Day. Since we had originally decided to sponsor Rocco to promote the idea of adoption, his finding a home through our networking was an added bonus.

Lucky You, Dog

To get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, the "Lucky You, Dog" contest gave $500 to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue nominated by our customers and social media followers. We had a hard time choosing a winner out of so many entries, and ultimately Puppy Rescue Mission of Celina, TX got the prize.

Clear the Shelter Day

We visited Camden County Animal Shelter for Clear the Shelter Day to help their adopted cats find new homes. We did a live webcast of the event, which brought in more adopters. With 96 animals finding homes, the shelter was cleared!

Thanks to the contributions of our customers and social media followers, we were able to help in many other ways. A wishlist project enabled rescues to register and pick out their most needed items, so their supporters could actually shop for their cause. Live feeds at different rescue locations all over the country helped spread their missions far and wide. We were able to raise needed funds and awareness to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters that devastated communities. One of our final donations of the year went to a woman who was spending an astronomical amount of money on medication for her two dogs who have Cushing’s Disease. Thanks to Dr. Adam Christman at Brick Veterinary Hospital, we were able to surprise this special fur parent with $1,000 to pay off some vet bills.

Again, all this was only possible due to our loyal customers. We can’t thank you enough for helping us accomplish so many amazing things this year, and we hope to give back even more in 2018, with new giveaways and surprises. We hope you’ll join us!

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  • Updated: 1/12/2018: 4:28:25 PM ET
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