Senior Dog Care - Pet Steps and Ramps

Pet steps are very convenient way to ease your dog’s access certain areas of your home, or even your car. Whether it’s your ageing pet in need of extra support, a small breed dog requiring help getting on and off elevated areas, or your own physical limitations, pet steps and ramps can alleviate issues safely and effectively.

Choosing between steps and ramps will depend on your pet’s specific needs, size, weight, and agility level. The height of the elevated area will also play an important factor in choosing between the two. Also, understanding what your own requirements are and what works best for your lifestyle will help in the choice. Most importantly, no matter which type you choose, training your dog will be an essential step in the process.

Choosing Between Pet Steps and Ramps

Pet Steps

Pet Steps are useful when placed next to stationary areas, such as a sofa or bed. Agility will play a factor in choosing pet steps. Dogs who shouldn’t jump off elevated areas will find pet steps the best choice. However, those who have limited mobility or struggling with it will find steps harder to manage.

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Pet Ramps

Ramps are portable and foldable, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes it easier for getting in and out of a car. Pet ramps are the best option for dogs with mobility issues, either from aging or injury, as they are gentlest on their joints.

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