Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep, and dogs are no different. Your dog will appreciate a quality bed for the warmth, support, and sense of security it provides.

With all the different options — shapes, sizes, colors, and more — shopping for a dog bed can seem daunting. Let us help you choose the perfect bed for your furry friend.


The first factor to consider is the bed’s size. It should fit your dog, and be neither too small nor too big, but just right. This is especially important for smaller breeds. It should be just large enough for them to stretch out, but if it’s too big, it may leave your smaller pup feeling insecure. Smaller dogs also tend to get cold, so having a bed yours can nestle will help keep him or her warm and cozy.

For large and extra-large breeds, a thicker dog bed with foam (or memory foam) will provide the support and comfort to fit their specific needs. These types of beds are perfect for keeping them comfortable on hard floors.

Beyond size, understanding your dog’s specific needs or requirements are key in finding the right bed. Here’s where it gets a little more complicated, but these basic guidelines should help you make the right choice.

Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs

Older dogs need support. Orthopedic beds are the best option for our senior friends, due to the material’s ability to bounce back and not sink in. They provide the support and comfort needed to ease senior dogs with joint issues. You can also find heated orthopedic beds, which take comfort to the next level on those cold nights, or whenever your old friend chooses to nap.

Anxious Dogs

Anxious Blankets

Dogs with anxiety issues do well with beds that help them feel secure. Nesting beds or Bolster beds offer more filling and raised sides to offer that safe den environment they require.

Thick-Furred Dogs

Thick-Furred Dogs

Dogs with a heavy coat certainly don’t need the extra warmth. An outdoor or cot-style bed will help alleviate the overheating many thick-furred dogs experience while sleeping.

Short-Haired Dogs

Short-Haired Dogs

Many small breed dogs have a real need for warmth. Soft cave beds, with lots of filling and covered for security, offer the "burrowing" experience these dogs require. Some brands even offer heated caves for extra-cold days and nights.


Eco-Friendly Dogs

If you’re looking to "go green", you can choose from a wide variety of environmentally friendly beds, made from recycled or organic materials. They tend be more expensive than other options, but they are also made for durability and built to last.

Whatever your dog’s sleeping needs are, you can find a wide assortment of beds to fit them right here at Dog.com.
We want to help you help your furry family friend sleep well!

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