Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Winter Safety Tips for Dog Owners

We dog owners know well the routine of wrapping our bodies in coats and scarves, and throwing on boots to take our canine companions out for a snowy walk. Along with protection, the most important thing to keep in mind in the winter months is safety. Here is a list of tips dog owners can use to keep themselves and their four-legged friends safe.

  1. avoid thin ice

    Always be aware of your surroundings when bringing your dog to a park or out for exercise. We have all heard horror stories of dogs falling through ice. Don’t let that happen to yours!

  2. trim the fur

    Ice balls can be painful for dogs. Trimming the fur on the backs of the legs and on the paws can prevent them from forming.

  3. keep your dog’s age in mind

    Senior dogs and puppies have weaker immune systems than teen-aged and adult dogs. If your dog is in his or her golden years or a bright young pup, try to limit time outside in cold temperatures.

  4. bundle up

    A lot of dogs have naturally thick coats, but just as many have very short, sleek fur. Don’t hesitate to get a fitted coat or sweater for your short-haired canine companions.

  5. wait for the sunshine

    Even a little bit of extra warmth helps in the winter months. Try to save most of your daily walks for when the sun is shining. Those rays of light will feel nice and toasty on a freezing day, and keep your dog much happier.

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  • Updated: 11/27/2018: 5:14:47 PM ET