Autumn Safety Tips

Autumn Safety Tips

The air gets cool and crisp. The leaves on the trees turn brilliant colors and will soon be crunching under your boots. Autumn is especially welcome after a hot, humid summer, and our pups will appreciate all the new smells. But before they get too nosy, keep an eye out for some potential dangers that arise during these fall months.

Rodenticides and Poisons

Rodent infestation increases in the cooler months as rats and mice move indoors for warmth. Traps and poisons are a beacon for curious pets, who will risk serious injury or even death if they get too close. If you keep rodent deterrents in your home, keep them out of reach of your pets, and keep your pets away from any you may encounter on your walks.

Engine Coolant

Fall is a common time for automobile owners to change their engine coolant. Most of these products are highly toxic, so make sure to clean up any spills or residue left over.

School Supplies

As much as your student may hope the dog ate his or her homework, popular school items like glue sticks, pencils, pens, and magic markers, while usually non-toxic, can wreak havoc on a pet’s intestines. Make sure everyone in your home knows to keep school supplies out of a pet’s grasp.


Mushrooms are prevalent in fall and spring, and while the majority of wild mushrooms aren’t deadly poisonous, don’t take the chance that your pet won’t find the ones that are. Keep them away from mushroom patches, and contact your veterinarian or local poison control immediately if your pet eats one.


Did you know that snakes do their breeding and hatching in the fall? It’s also the time of year where they prepare for hibernation, so you and your pets are more likely to encounter them during these months. Take time to find out what venomous snakes may be in your area, and avoid those hiding places where one may be waiting to strike.

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