Puppy Center

Let us help you welcome your new bundle of furry joy!
Puppy Center

Let us help you welcome your new bundle of furry joy!

Four tiny paws and a cute little nose, you’re going to love spending time with your puppy as he or she grows. Welcoming home your furry little family member is an exciting time that will be filled with lots of laughter, love and a few pet owner lessons! From first beds and teething toys to puppy pads and collars, we have everything you need to start your puppy out right. If there’s one thing we know best, its canine companions. Whether you’re thinking about getting a puppy or you already have one, we’re here to help you find the things you need and even supply a few tips along the way. At, we’re here from the start!

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Start Here!
Everything you need for your puppy

Spend more time snuggling and less time shopping by checking out the must need supplies for your new puppy below. We offer all the essentials from crates to beds and toys.

  • dog crate


    We offer a full line of versatile crates, pens and gates to fit all your growing puppies needs. Crates made to last a life time and accommodate breeds of all sizes. Shop all our crate, pen and gates options today!

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  • dog bed


    If you’re looking for a quality bed that will help your new best friend get much needed rest look no further. We offer comfortable beds for all sizes in a variety of options! Shop beds and crate pads today!

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  • dog toys


    Provide your puppy with much needed toys that will help with teething and healthy teeth development. We have everything your puppy will need to provide hour of fun and play with your new puppy. Shop our selection of teething and play toys today!

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Learn more...
...about welcoming a puppy into your home

What size crate do I need? How much food should I feed my puppy? Housetraining?!? You have questions and we have answers! Read the articles below for some excellent puppy facts, tips and how-to’s! You can feel better prepared for bringing home your puppy with some advanced prepping.

  • welcome home

    Getting Your Home Puppy-Ready

    Whether it’s your first puppy or you just need a refresher course, here’s a quick list of what to expect, how to prepare and what to have ready when you welcome home your new puppy. Learn More

  • house training

    Guide to House Training

    House training may not be the most glamorous part of being a puppy parent but with a few tips, a little love and a lot of patience, you and your puppy will get through it in no time! Learn More

  • crate info

    Choosing the Best Dog Crate

    A crate is one of the most important purchases you will make for your puppy. Learn how to choose the best material, size and safety features to meet your new puppy's needs. Learn More

  • measuring a crate

    How to Measure a Dog Crate

    Crates are a valuable tool for training and a new puppy safety essential. Take the guesswork out of your crate purchase and let us help you find the best size for your puppy! Learn More

  • dog bed

    What Dog Bed is Best for Your Furry Friend?

    Your playful puppy will need plenty of quality rest as he or she grows to be a strong, loyal and loving dog. Use these tips to pick the best bed for that much needed snooze time! Learn More

  • dog food

    Feeding Your Puppy

    Not sure what to feed your little one? Read this article to learn what, when and how much to feed your growing bundle of furry love! Learn More

  • ranking ribbon

    Top 5 Toys

    Loyal customers have spoken and their dogs have decided! Find out which toys made the list as the Top 5 Toys! Learn More

  • dog toys

    Find the Best Toy for your Pup

    Chew toys, rope toys, Kongs and balls, we have them all! Let us help you find the best toy for your furry little girl or boy! Learn More

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