Slater - Doggone Cute Photo Contest Winner

Dog’s name: Slater (AKA Alligator)

Dog‘s Age: 9 years old

Dog’s Breed: Cane Corso Mastiff

Favorite Activity: Going to visit the horses in the barn, stealing shoes and socks, and going for car rides!

Favorite Treat: Carrots and ice cream

Siblings: Slater lives on a farm with five horses (two of which are smaller than him), some chickens, and four cats. He likes to watch over the farm to make sure everyone is staying out of trouble.

Which rescue organization is this dog affiliated with?

Slater was adopted from the Associated Humane Society in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Slater’s Story:

We had just lost our beautiful English Mastiff at 11 years old and we were looking to adopt another dog. One day while searching, we came across a beautiful Blue Cane Corso that just happened to be transferred to the shelter just a few miles from our house. When we went to see Slater, he was enormous (he currently weighs 187 lbs.), had no training, and showed physical signs of abuse, but his sweet, golden eyes melted our hearts immediately.

Slater was diagnosed with a severe case of kennel cough and wasn’t allowed to be adopted out until he made a full recovery. So, we spent all the free time we had visiting him, sitting with him, taking him for walks, working on basic obedience, and bonding with him to help him handle the stress from being in a shelter environment.

Over a month later, when the day finally came for Slater to come home with us, he was brought into a crowded waiting room and looked so nervous. He looked around but as soon as he saw us, he pushed his way through the crowd with his tail wagging like crazy! It was as though he knew he was going to his forever home – a place where he would be safe, loved, and never hurt again.

Slater the Cane Corso Mastiff
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