Groom With Love!

Rock the Clean!

Make bath time fun and keep your pups looking their best with grooming supplies, tools and equipment.

Bathing Accessories

dog shampoo

TIP: Start the grooming process by gently touching your dog. If any parts seem sore, stop and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.

Layer Up!

dog shampoo

TIP: The water should be warm, even in summer, because very cold water can chill pets, and leave a bad association to bathing in general.

Take care of that hair!

dog shampoo

TIP: Brushing and combing should happen daily, or at least several times each week, no matter what kind of coat your animal has. If giving your pet a bath, do the brushing part first.

Finishing Touches

dog shampoo

TIP: Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to protect their feet. Too-long nails can become caught and break off, causing pain.

How to Remove Objects from Your Dog's Hair
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  • Updated: 2/10/2020: 1:26:01 PM ET
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