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At we are committed to the health and well-being of our customers, both you and your dog. It is our goal to provide quality products at great prices, to offer as many dogs and their owners as possible the chance to have access to better products, without having to worry. Out=r company is staffed with true dog people, so the products we offer are the products we use ourselves.

Recently there have been concerns over flea and tick treatments raised, from issues ranging from counterfeit products to health scares. Flea and tick products are made by a few companies around the world, which in turn distribute the products to the specific markets they supply. Each region has specific environmental and health requirements that they must adhere to, which is why it’s imperative that any products you buy are confirmed for use within our market.

While the internet allows for great opportunities for both consumers and retailers alike, our primary dedication is to our core customer base here in the USA, and therefore we ONLY sell Flea and Tick medications and treatments approved by the EPA for use and sale in the USA. Each flea and tick product that is approved for use carries a USA EPA registration number, which along with the appropriate packaging indicates that is it approved for sale in the USA. The EPA registration number is included on the back of the packages.

Flea and tick treatments are medications, and therefore as with any medications, human or animal, care and attention to the treatment must be taken. Be sure to read the instructions and warnings before giving ANY product to your pet, and be sure to follow the handling the products yourself.

Flea & Tick Product Regulation

Because fleas and ticks are classified as public heath pests, products that control these pests must be shown to be efficacious before registration. These products can be identified by the "EPA Registration Number" on the label.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also has responsibility to regulate certain flea and tick products.

Excerpted from the EPA.

Flea and Tick Headquarters
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