10 Essential Cat Supplies

One thing that makes cats such appealing pets is their independent nature. While they do like to snuggle and play every now and then, most of the time they give the distinct impression that we are their pets, and they would only notice if we weren’t around when their bowls run out of food.

But cats do need attention and maintenance, and there are some necessary items you’ll want to have available at all times. Here are ten of them.

  1. Food: They’re going to be hungry, so stock up on food designed to meet their unique, changing dietary needs, and bowls just for them — not a bowl you’d use and reuse for your own food.
  2. Litter Box: They’re also going to need to relieve themselves, so give them a dedicated place to do just that. Along with the box and litter, you’ll want a scoop to keep it as fresh and as usable as possible between cleanings.
  3. Cleaning Supplies: Even the best-housebroken cats have accidents, and sometimes leave little presents around. Deodorizers, stain removers, and disinfectants will help restore your home to order.
  4. Carrier: Whether you’re bringing a cat home for the first time, going to the vet, or just taking a drive, a cat crate will provide a sense of security, and a strong layer of safety.
  5. Veterinarian: Establish a relationship right away with a local veterinarian you trust, to make sure your cat is eating right for its age and size and that all vaccinations, flea treatments, and heartworm regimen are up to date. It’s also a good idea to have a basic first aid kit for situations that don’t require a trip downtown.
  6. Bed: Cats can and will sleep anywhere they please, but you can give them their own special space as a nice hideaway to match their "den" instincts.
  7. Scratching Post: It will be nearly impossible to keep a cat from honing its nails on your curtains, sofa, bedclothes, etc. Still, a scratching post made to satisfy a cat’s pedicure requirements will be a good distraction from other fabrics.
  8. Toys: While a cat will be equally fascinated by a crumpled ball of paper or grocery bag, cat toys can provide welcome distractions, help sharpen their brains, and entertain you while you watch them play.
  9. Treats: You’re going to want to spoil your cat with tasty surprises, and it will be better for them if you choose healthy, low-calorie treats.
  10. Collar: Felines are fast, and curious. Start your time together with a collar and personalized ID tag in case you become separated.
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  • Updated: 7/10/2019: 8:58:23 PM ET
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