A Salute to Vet Techs

Many of us know the name of our dog’s veterinarian, but what about the veterinary technicians that we see there too? Vet techs are the unsung heroes, the ones who do a lot of the dirty work – similar to the hygienists at a dentist office – but don’t always get their names on the marquee.

A Love of Animals

Vet techs perform many of the tasks we see on a visit to the vet. They check a dog’s weight, administer vaccinations and other medications, even draw blood if necessary. For serious surgery and other procedures, they’re at the vet’s side, placing catheters, giving anesthesia, and providing any other assistance the vet needs. Pretty much the only things they can’t do for your dog is diagnose, prescribe medication, or perform surgery.

Not Your Typical Job

As with any job, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Vet tech are also the ones who have to clean the kennels, feed any in-patients, answer the phones, and do paperwork. But these aren’t just office workers who answered an ad; they’ve gone to school, and gotten the education and accreditation they need to ensure that the animals they see get the utmost care and attention.

A Great Career

Most reports we’ve seen agree that being a veterinary technician is a stable career choice, with room for growth and a decent salary. Anyone considering such a career should be comfortable with science and have good people skills, as well as an appreciation of animals. Keep in mind, however, that due to the average lifespan of our pets, the vet tech sees plenty of heartache on the job, too.

So the next time you visit your vet, say an extra thank you to the vet techs you see.

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