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Let's go out. Is there anything more relaxing or enjoyable than going for a walk with your dog? Now it's even easier -- and more stylish -- thanks to our wide selection of high-quality collars, leashes, and harnesses. Whatever you use, make it has an up-to-date ID tags just in case your dog goes for an unsupervised stroll.

The dog collar is one of the most recognizable objects in our society, particularly when we don’t see it. Think about it: when you see a dog without one, do you think, “Where’s that dog’s collar? Is he lost? A stray?” Our own dogs look naked without their collars—plus, without the jingling of tags, they’re relatively silent, and it’s tough to hear if they’re up to no good.

Today’s dog collars have evolved from the old miniature belt style to more modern variations, in a assortment of materials and designs intended to enhance comfort as well as control. With a wide choice of colors and styles, you have countless possibilities to choose from that can help your dog stand out from the pack. Many of the more fashionable designs have matching leashes and harnesses, and these also help with function and safety.

Spoil your furry companion with the following great products -

Whatever collar you decide on, your dog should have an ID tag that clearly states the necessary information should you become separated. We carry plenty of sizes and styles of tags, and even offer personalized engraving on select options for your convenience.

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