Dress them up. Let your dog show off his or her inner fashionista with fun and fancy apparel for both large and small dogs. Cozy and warm dog clothing is also a necessity during walks in the snow and rain.

Dog clothes have many benefits for both you and your pet.

Many dogs do not have adequately thick enough coats to spend significant time outdoors in cold weather. Dog coats, which are available in many different fabrics, including waterproof, and linings are the perfect solution for a rainy or blustery day.

Rain gear helps keep him or her dry in the rain; while dog boots help to protect his or her feet from snow, ice or hot, rough pavement. Dog sweaters are the perfect solution on a cold day as they provide snuggly warmth to an elderly or sick four-legged friend.

There are other advantages to dog apparel, as well. For itchy pets or those with allergies, shirts for dogs can help make the skin less accessible, reducing chewing, licking and scratching. T-shirts can also provide a barrier between the allergens and the dog’s skin, which may help reduce symptoms.

Also, for humans who are allergic to dogs, a dog shirts aid in trapping some of the dander that irritates allergies, and allows it to be washed away instead of spread on floors and furniture.

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