Going somewhere? Forget about leaving your dog home alone or in a boarding kennel next time you travel. Dog travel carriers allow you to take your dog on the road with you, wherever you may be heading.

We like to go everywhere with our dogs anywhere they’re allowed, and those of us with smaller dogs are always on the lookout for the right carrier solution. A carrier needs to be easy to handle, yet secure enough to help its occupant feel safe, secure, and protected, particularly dogs with anxiety issues.

At, we offer many options to meet your potential needs. Fashionable purse-style carriers and totes make it easy to step out with your extra-small dog. For the more outdoorsy, less style-conscious pet owner, a backpack carrier is very convenient, and keeps your arms free. If your dog is too big to carry, or has trouble getting around on its own, a stroller or rolling carrier won’t slow you down as you maneuver through crowds.

Now you can take your little friend with you, without having to sacrifice function for fashion, or vice versa. However, before you travel by air, make sure your carrier solution has been approved by the airlines as well as the airports.

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