Bowls & Feeders

Just for them. We offer a variety of canine feeding solutions, from bountiful bowls and decorative dishes to automated feeders. Whether you want fun, functional, or both, we've got them in all shapes and sizes to meet all your needs.

Dogs will be happy to eat anything anywhere, so training them to expect their daily food at the same spot every day will certainly reduce clutter in your home. In fact, when they see you pick up “their” dish, they’ll know suppertime has arrived.

Rather than using just any old container to provide food and water, a specially designed dog bowl will prove to be very useful, for feeding as well as cleaning. Choose from fashionable and sturdy designs, built to stand up and stay put against active teeth, tongues, and paws. For dogs with height requirements or other special needs, elevated solutions can help ensure they get the nutrition they need while keeping messes at a minimum.

If there are days when you can’t be home at feeding time, an automated feeder can provide a timely solution, regulated to make sure your dog doesn’t overeat. Fountains with sensors can also provide the right amount of fresh water at all times. We also offer travel bowls if you and your dog are constantly on the go, as well as a variety of containers to keep food fresh.

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