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The Most Misunderstood Dog Breed

In recent years, however, the pitbull has gained a reputation as a monster with the bite of a shark. Several otherwise reputable news outlets have repeatedly spread the legend that pitbulls are much more dangerous than any other dog breed, citing their locking jaws and vicious behavior. Yet, there is absolutely no factual evidence backing up these claims.

Advocates from dog rescues nationwide report that pitbulls are the most abandoned and euthanized breed of dog in the United States. Every other dog seen in shelters is a pitbull or pitbull mix. Because of their false stigma, people – especially families – are extremely hesitant to adopt one into their homes.

Photo credit: GoodPitBulls.com

The babysitter

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  • Updated: 10/13/2017: 9:59:43 AM ET