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The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Heartgard effectively prevents your pet from the very serious, potentially fatal, and all-too-common problem of heartworm infection. Protection is essential. Since heartworm infection is transmitted by mosquitoes, it is possible that your dog runs the risk of becoming infected while enjoying a sunny, summer day at the park. Prevention is also much less difficult and expensive than dealing with treatments once infection has been established.

In addition to heartworms, your dog may also be at risk of infection by dangerous intestinal parasites such as hookworms and roundworms. For this reason, it is important that you establish a monthly deworming schedule.

When used as directed, Heartgard Plus is highly effective and greatly decreases the likelihood of heartworm infections, even in puppies as young as six-weeks-old, and also treats and controls hookworms and roundworms. Heartgard Plus is the only product that comes in a real beef chewable that prevents heartworm and also provides broad control against other types of threatening parasites.

Heartgard is also well tolerated by dogs, as digestive and neurological side effects rarely have been reported. Before starting a preventative program for heartworm infection, all dogs should be tested. For more information or specific dog health questions, contact your veterinarian.

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