Choosing the Best Clothing Options for Your Dog

Fashion, Function and Protection, to Boot

Dog clothing offers a number of advantages: It protects from the elements, helps regulate heat and body temperature and provides a fashionable expression of personality. Oftentimes, we think that because, in nature, animals don’t wear clothing that they should be left in their original state. We should keep in mind, however, that animals can also benefit from the assistance that clothing offers, especially footwear.

Footwear protects us from objects that may potentially harm the vulnerable soles of our feet, and although the structure of a dog’s foot is more adequately equipped for unprotected travel than ours, specially designed dog boots may prove very helpful to the well being of your pet in certain situations.

Throughout the winter, boots can protect sensitive paws from chilling temperatures, road salts and ice melts, cold snow and moisture, as well as offer traction on areas that may be slick and frozen over.

During periods of extreme heat, boots can help your dog avoid the discomfort of walking on sun-beaten asphalt. Summer and warmer conditions also bring out insects that may plaque your pup with itchy bites on their legs as they wander through tall grass or brush. Boots also offer protection against lawn treatments.

Dog boot designs have variables in mind to protect your dog’s legs and paws, increase performance and restrict them from areas that may be bandaged or healing. They also keep your pet clear off cuts from broken glass, rocks, thorns or any other sharp objects that they may come in contact with.

The construction of the boot often depends on its purpose. For example, standard boots are well-made, lightweight, and adjustable; they are effective yet basic. High Performance boots are thicker, fleece-lined, and rubber-dipped to maximize traction and protection from the cold. Protective boots are thin, waterproof protective bags for keeping wounds and bandages dry.
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  • Updated: 10/9/2018: 8:02:10 PM ET
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