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Dogs love to travel and go on outdoor vacations just as much as you do! Dog travel accessories will make sure your pooch is comfortable and secure during your next road trip. From hikes to boat outings, the right travel gear will help you be prepared for it all.

By nature, dogs are outdoor animals. Being able to sniff all kinds of scents in the open air stimulates their brains, and given the chance, they’d likely run happily for miles at a time. So it’s only natural that even the most domesticated dog would want to accompany his or her masters wherever they go.

One of the first spoken phrases a dog learns is “Wanna go for a ride?” Once you catch up to your dog, tail wagging expectantly by the door, you can put on his or her harness, which will attach to the seat belt inside your car. This will secure your dog while the car is in motion. For even more security, a car crate will provide an even greater layer of protection for your dog in the unfortunate case of an auto accident. Hammock-style sheets and other covers can help gather excess hair, dander, or dirt, keeping your car as clean as possible.

If you’re hiking, we offer a variety of dog backpacks designed to both keep your pup cool on the trek and store any necessities along the way. A visibility vest will alert others out in the wild, and don’t forget a cot, blanket, or pen to combat the elements when you stop for a rest.

Some dogs were bred for the water, and others just like to swim. Give your dog the same protection you’d give a child with a secure, approved water safety vest. It will keep him or her safe in the water, while adding buoyancy and comfort. For a quick cool-off away from deep water, a simple backyard wading pool will certainly be appreciated with a shake of wet fur and a sloppy kiss.

Whatever you need to keep your four-legged friend happy and safe in the great outdoors, you can find it right here at

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