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Signs of Dog Shock

Shock, which is actually the collapse of the circulatory system, occurs when an animal has sustained a traumatic injury -- blood loss, electric shock, poisoning, burns or other serious accident. If not treated promptly, shock can cause death.

Symptoms of shock include the following:

  • Body feels cool to the touch.
  • Pulse is weak and rapid.
  • Breathing is shallow and labored.
  • Gums are pale or muddy.

Shock requires immediate veterinary attention. To administer first aid, make sure the dog's air passages are clear. Help the dog maintain body heat by covering it with a coat or blanket. If the dog is unconscious, keep the dog's head lower than its body. Massage the legs and body muscles to encourage blood flow. If possible, phone the veterinary hospital to let them know the problem and that you are on your way. Transport the dog with as little movement as possible.

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