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Rabies is a dangerous infectious disease of the brain. Animal bites from rabies-infected dogs, bats or other warm-blooded animals often results in death. Medical treatment from a rabid animal bite must begin immediately in order for a human or animal victim to have a chance of survival. In many countries rabies is rare. Dogs and other warm-blooded pets are vaccinated to prevent the disease of rabies. Fewer wild animals also contract rabies in Europe and the United States due to the higher incidence of rabies vaccination. However, in Africa and Asia thousands of people die from a rabies infection each year. There isn't as much access to rabies vaccines in these areas to prevent warm-blooded animals from contracting the disease.

The first World Rabies Day was held on September 28, 2007. During the next three years, millions of dogs were vaccinated because of the special events sponsored by World Rabies Day. It was organized to educate everyone about ways to prevent and eventually eradicate rabies. Medical professionals and researchers want to teach the public that this disease is completely preventable with vaccinations. Volunteers work with government agencies to teach the public about rabies. Online and printed material is disbursed to help people learn how to control and prevent the rabies virus. Many health organizations sponsor special public events to raise awareness and money for vaccinations of pets. In addition, millions of individuals were educated about ways to prevent rabies in warm-blooded animals. People have also been taught that professional medical treatment must be sought immediately after an animal bite.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control's mission is to teach the public that rabies is completely preventable. Their goal is to prevent rabies through pet vaccination and the control of the animal population. They also want to teach those who do know understand the seriousness of this dangerous disease that providing immediate medical care to bitten victims is imperative. At the World Rabies Day website, event planners can find details about ways to raise money and teach about rabies prevention. To spread the message, their instructive website is also available in four popular languages. Educational materials can be downloaded for use at World Rabies Day events at this website. A free online course and video about rabies is also available. Free World Rabies Day logos can be downloaded for use to bring attention to sponsored events. Don't be surprised when you see this important day marked with advertisements and public announcements on television or the radio and in newspapers. Rabies is a disease every responsible pet owner should be aware of and World Rabies Day's goal is just that.
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