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Dogs that fall under the category of "pit bull" are perhaps the most vilified and misunderstood canines on the planet. Members of the general public continue to believe that pit bulls are dangerous, vicious dogs that cannot be trusted around people or even around other animals. In reality, most pit bulls are gentle, affectionate pets that are important members of their immediate family. Pit Bull Awareness Day gives pit bull owners and supporters th e opportunity to set the record straight on these wonderful dogs. By educating the public about pit bulls, those who participate in events connected to this holiday can help put an end to negative stereotypes about pit bulls and help more pit bulls find loving homes.

Pit Bull Awareness Day takes place every year in October. It began in 2007, when a Tennessee-based pit bull rescue organization called "Bless the Bullys" set out to make it a national phenomenon. The goal of Pit Bull Awareness Day is to change people's perceptions of pit bulls from negative to positive. The individuals and groups who organize pit bull awareness events on this day also hope that the media will gravitate toward these events. If members of the media report on Pit Bull Awareness Day in a positive light, the good word about pit bulls will spread beyond the actual events to people watching television, reading the newspaper, or simply surfing the Internet.

Pit Bull Awareness Day's popularity is spreading; celebrations of this holiday now occur across the country. Although pit bull awareness events take place on the same day, there is a great amount of variety in the nature of these special occasions. Pit bull advocates behind individual events are encouraged to host the events in any way they see fit. In many cities, pit bull owners walk their dogs in "pit bull parades" to show
spectators that pit bulls are just as well-behaved and sociable as other types of dogs. In other cities, pit bulls are invited to attend barbecues and carnivals with their owners. When people who are not familiar with pit bulls attend or hear about these festivities, they will see that these misunderstood dogs are lovable puppies that deserve the same amount of love and humane treatment that other pets receive.

 Anyone who supports pit bulls and their owners should help spread the word about Pit Bull Awareness Day. One effective way to do this is to spread the word about local pit bull awareness events. Try talking to friends and family members who have a negative view of pit bulls and invite them to the nearest pit bull awareness event. In addition, pit bull lovers should make sure that their local animal shelters know about Pit Bull Awareness Day. Since negative myths about pit bulls are so prevalent, America's animal shelters are full of pit bulls waiting to be adopted. If animal shelter employees inform the public about Pit Bull Awareness Day, more pit bulls will be able to find their furrever homes with loving familes.

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