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Nylabone Dog Treats

Nylabone - Leading the Industry

TFH/Nylabone is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium dog chews and a leading publisher of high-quality pet books. Nylabone features a wide variety or products, including some award winners.

Nylabone has been the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years. Since 1955, when Nylabone only offered hard, bone-shaped plastic chews, the company has grown immensely and now features a line that includes dog toys, dog treats and chews in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Expansion has brought about demand in various other pet care areas and the company now carries additional products such as dog carriers, plush dogs toys, interactive dog toys and even a collapsible dog house.

Edible toys can be chewed, swallowed and completely digested; they include products under the names of Nutri Dent, Quest, Goodies & Grains, Healthy Edibles, Nutritionally Enhanced and Homestyle. Non-edible toys are intended simply as a chew; they strengthen teeth, jaws and promote overall oral health; some brands within this division include the Double Action bone, durable molded bone shapes, and textured dental chews. There are also a number of other products that offer dental benefits, as well as physical exercise during play.

Their Edible Chew & Brush™ Dental Bone was honored as the Best New Dog Product at the 2003 American Pet Products Manufacturers' Association Show. It is an innovative, long lasting and all natural dental chew. The formula is fortified with chlorophyll, parsley and calcium; it contains no plastic, added salt, artificial colors or flavors. Its design features grooves and ridges which help scrape teeth, cleaning a wider surface range and reaching areas that competitor’s dental chews cannot. They are available in four sizes to accommodate any size dog.

Recommended by veterinarians, Nylabone manufactures chews in many styles and sizes, so there is one for every dog. Nylabone's products promote good canine dental hygiene, enhance overall mental fitness, and encourage positive behavior.

Nylabone has also initiated a campaign to help animals which have specific chewing practices. Nylabone Saves Lives is dedicated to saving the lives of dogs that may be given up to animal shelters due to destructive chewing habits; destructive behavior, particularly chewing, is one of the leading reasons that pets are surrendered to shelters. Nylabone offers a safe, constructive solution to the problem. Their objective is to educate pet owners about the reasons behind their pet's destructive chewing and offer solutions to a habit, which, given the proper attention, can be easily corrected.

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