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Advantage flea control, manufactured by Bayer, has a new and improved formula – new benefits and helpful tools to keep your household pets happy and healthy. This flea and tick topical solution is effective in protecting your pets against unwanted pests. Advantage kills fleas within 12 hours; this not only provides your pet with instant relief, but also kills fleas before they get a chance to lay their eggs. A new and improved product, Advantage will help take care of your pets with ease by killing unwanted fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and lice on dogs.

New pest control products from Bayer combine the proven active ingredients in Advantage Topical Solution and K9 Advantix with an insect growth regulator to:
  • Kill ALL flea life stages
  • Prevent fleas on treated dogs from infesting the home
  • Control existing flea infestations on cats and prevent further infestations (Advantage II only)


Along with the new improvements to Advantage come all new and additional features of K9 Advantix. Advantix is known to rid your pet of common pest by repelling or killing ticks, fleas, adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae, mosquitoes, biting fleas, and lice.


These topical solutions, both Advantage and K9 Advantix are waterproof and will be effective even after a shampoo. Even though this flea and tick repellant is waterproof, always remember to reapply the solution to your pets monthly – this will ensure complete flea and tick control.

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