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Cat owners always want to see their best friend in the best of health, but sometimes that TLC is pushed to the back burner. Many cat parents and pet owners, in general, have the habit of procrastinating and pushing off vet visits until there is an illness with their furry feline.
An effort was made by vets all across the country starting in 2009, when the announcement was made that August 22nd would be national “Take Your Cat to the Vet” day. The effort was started by Feline Pine, a company that is devoted to providing all natural, biodegradable cat litter to the masses.

The company thought that there should be some way to remind cat owners how important it was to bring their cat(s) to the vet at least once a year; it is important to take the proper steps to prevent pain and suffering. It is like when you have your annual physical. Sometimes the doctor can detect chronic problems before they affect your everyday health. It is better to stop a health problem in its tracks. You would do it for yourself, so why not for your cats?

Your cat cannot communicate with you as easily as you can with family members; if you do not get your cat checked out at least once a year, serious problems might develop out of the blue. When you take your cat the vet, problems are addressed earlier before they have the chance to become serious. You may think that you know what is best for you cat, but it is always best to get a second opinion!

This year, “Take Your Cat to the Vet Day” will be three years old and it’s still going strong. Feline Pine is still advocating for the well being of cats everywhere, reminding cat owners to get their cat thoroughly checked on the 22nd of August.

If you are a cat owner and cannot make it to the vet on August 22nd take that day as a reminder that you need to schedule that annual vet appointment for your fine feline friend.




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