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Kong is King with Aggressive Chewers

For the past three decades, Kong has been producing dog toys that please all breeds of dogs. Joe Markham was becoming increasingly frustrated with one of his dog’s bad habits; his German Shepherd, Fritz, had a tendency to chew on rocks, an unsafe dental practice. One day while working on his car, Markham noticed that Fritz was once again gnawing on rocks; annoyed, Markham began tossing parts from under the hood. He noticed that a rubber suspension piece distracted Fritz from the stones and, in 1976, Kong was born.

The versatile design offers a dual purpose product; Kongs act as chew toys, as well as dog treat dispensers. They are manufactured with all types of variables in mind; breed size, dental structure and chewing behavior were all taken into consideration in the development of Kong’s extensive line of products.

Chew toys are manufactured in different sizes with varied resistance strengths to accommodate all types of chewers. The Puppy Kong is molded with a specialized rubber made just for teething puppies. Red Kongs are intended for average to strong chewers. Super aggressive chewers, the ones that seem to destroy everything in their path, were the target for the durable Black Kong.

Dogs are instinctive hunters and enjoy searching and working for dog food. A number of Kong products come equipped with cavities to be filled with treats; this design allows dogs to occupy themselves with a high quality chew toy and be rewarded with an occasional treat at the same time. Attempts to free the treats from inside the Kong will keep your dog busy for hours. Plus, regular use of Kong chew toys can improve your dog's dental health; while playing with the Kong, the rubber toy naturally works its way into cracks and crevices between your dog's teeth, effectively removing plaque and food particles.

Dogs that are occupied with Kong toys act more independent because of the time dedicated each chew session. This alone, makes them great for pets with issues such as separation anxiety, boredom, or other problematic or destructive behaviors; this also makes them helpful for owners that may be away from their pets for extended periods of time.

For those who are dog crate training, or whose dogs remain in a crate while they’re away, Kong toys can help a dog feel more comfortable while being crated. This can make time spent in the crate a welcome occurrence since the treat dispensing unit offers play and involves food.

For dogs that are living a sedentary life, a Kong toy will entice your dog to play more and be more active. The Kong's unpredictable bounce can coax most dogs into a game of catch.

Although Kong toys are built tough to withstand an amazing amount of punishment, they can still be broken down. According to Kong representative, “No toy is indestructible. Supervise your dog's use of Kongs until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.”

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